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2 MORE Ways Skin Care Companies Deceive You

At Replenish Plus, we have one singular goal – to develop the most effective skin care products in the world using proprietary formulas (meaning only the “good stuff”) and state-of-the-art processing methods to ensure that they are 100% toxin-free, chemical-free, and extremely healthy. However, not all skin care companies share our point of goals, so be on the lookout for their fraudulent marketing methods as we continue our list of loopholes!

Loophole #3: “Active” and “Other” Ingredients

According to Federal law, cosmetics companies must list their ingredients in descending order starting with the most-used ingredient at the very top. Through their lobbying efforts, however, skin care products can have two lists – the “active ingredients” list (the actual “good stuff”), and the “other ingredients” list (toxic filler). Skin care products show the “active ingredients” at the top of the list, and the “other” ingredients underneath.

What’s the result? The consumer sees an expansive list of clean and expensive ingredients at the very top of the label and assumes they are the primary ingredients, even though the “active” ingredients are much farther down the list!

Loophole #4: “Proprietary Blends”

Doesn’t the term “proprietary blends” sound so nice and refreshing? You aren’t sure what it means, but you’ll take three of them, right? This trap!

• In the cosmetics industry, “proprietary blend” is a fancy term that allows the manufacturer to list their ingredients in any order they so desire.
o They add the weight of all the “proprietary blend” ingredients together so that it appears to comprise a majority of the skin care products, but this term says nothing about what the individual volume of each ingredient really is.
 In other words, nobody knows the specific amount of each ingredient!

Don’t Be Fooled!

Do you know of a cosmetics industry scam that we have not uncovered yet? Drop a comment and let us know! We’ll be back with plenty of more way skin care companies constantly deceive you, and how you can stop it from happening!

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