Our Story


Organic skin Care story

Robert E. Rockwood, the founder of Replenish Plus had a 40-year tenure in working in the chemical and beauty care industry, Robert E. Rockwood saw and learned that over 90 percent of the beauty products sold in the USA and worldwide were toxic and harmful to the person using them. He started formulating healthy beauty products to protect his family. He wrote this book to protect consumers.


“My family consists of a majority of women. My friends consist of a majority of women. As of now, women buy much more beauty products than men. With what I now knew about so many of those products I took my 30 years of training and started formulating products to protect my family and friends. I continued to study and increase my knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. I also learned what was good and what was bad for the human body and being.” – Robert E. Rockwood


Our Promise


At Replenish Plus, we are committed to our promise of offering you all-natural skin care systems that nurtures soft, radiant skin without the harmful chemicals frequently found in beauty products. We invite you to learn more about what our promise entails.


Our Concern


The skin is the largest organ on the body. It is directly or indirectly connected to virtually every other part of the body. If something unhealthy or toxic is placed on the skin there is a strong possibility that it could eventually be absorbed into the blood stream and other organs.


Blocking the pores of the skin can affect the body’s capability to properly regulate its temperature and rid itself of toxins via sweat glands.


At Replenish plus we use a holistic approach to all of our formulations so that anything and everything we put in our products is not only good for the skin, it is good for the entire body.


Our Science


With very few government regulations in place, many beauty products contain more than 1,000 potentially toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to your body.


According to a study conducted by the University of California, beauticians have a four-time higher rate of developing cancers than the general populace. This is due to their exposure to chemical-laden products.


Our Products


Looking your best should never come at the cost of your health. Replenish Plus systems is noncomedogenic and anti-bioaccumulative so you never have to experience clogged pores, toxic residue buildup, or slow poisoning as chemicals seep into your skin. Our products also do not contain:


  • -Chemicals
  • -Petroleum
  • -Petroleum-Based Additives
  • -Dyes
  • -Harmful Animal Byproducts
  • -Toxins


Our Quality


Additionally, we never use water in any of our skin care lines. Water is listed as the highest volume ingredient in 90% of all beauty products sold. While water can be used to minimize the potency of certain chemicals, many manufacturers use water to reduce their manufacturing costs.


However, not only are the savings rarely passed on to the customer, but water causes skin to dry out and wrinkle. As we do not use toxic chemicals in our skin care lines, there is no reason for us to use water in our products to reduce toxicity levels.


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