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Virtually all Skin care Manufacturers heat their products at 165F during the manufacturing process. This is done to quickly mix all the ingredients and to activate the processing chemicals needed to mix water and oil byproducts together. It also liquifies the product for easy filling of the jars. Unfortunately heat also destroys and “cooks out” all the natural vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and bioflavonoids which is needed to benefit the skin. Because we have no water or synthetic chemicals in our formulations, we do not require any processing heat or processing chemicals. All of our manufacturing is done below 65F so that no nutrients are cooked out or altered. Your skin is infused with pure Mother Nature Whole Food nutritional supplements in an unaltered concentrated form for maximum skin renewal.

How Do You Improve the Skin More Effectively Than Other Brands

All Replenish Plus Products are formulated using only Whole Food vitamins and nutrients. Over 90% of the skin care products in the marketplace use synthetic vitamins made from chemicals because they are lower cost and easier to formulate into their products. However, not only are synthetic vitamins difficult for your body to absorb but they can possibly cause health issues. Nutrients derived from vegetables and fruits have none of those issues and are readily absorbed by your body which easily converts them into nourishing food for the skin cells resulting in healthier and younger looking skin.

Why Do You Refer To Your Skin Products As Concentrates

 If you look at the ingredient list on competitor skin care products and you will almost always see ’water” (or “aloe vera” which is 90% water) as the number one ingredient. In most cases water will represent upwards of 50% of the contents inside the jar you bought. Beauty companies do this to dilute their product, thereby reducing their manufacturing cost. It also reduces the quantity and quality of vitamins and nutrients being put on your skin. Replenish Plus never adds any water to any of our products. We also have no processing chemicals or perfumes which can represent a significant portion of the volume of other products. With ourzero water and zero chemicals you can apply 25% of the amount you usually apply and still have a significant increase in effectiveness for your skin.

Is It Good To Apply Skin Care Products At Night Before You Go To Sleep

It can be good and it can be bad. When you go to sleep your brain is at rest and therefore can attend to other issues within the body. It can trigger the release of hormones for repair, healing and rejuvenation. If you apply a skin care product at night which contains chemicals your brain and your body sees it as an invasion and instead of being relaxed and doing repair work it finds itself fighting off the chemical attack. If you are going to use a night product that contains chemicals you should never use it period, but you certainly don’t want to use it at night and take away from the capacity to renew the body. At replenish plus we use no chemicals and have only Mother Nature nutrients in our formulations. Applying our product at night not only doesn’t disrupt the repair process, but it also actually increases your body’s ability to repair itself by adding nutritional energy to it.

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