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Our Process

promise-imagesAt Replenish Plus, we strive to deliver you an unparalleled skin care line that never compromises quality, your health, or your wallet. In addition, we never test on animals. In fact many of our clients use our products on their pets since it is toxin free and lickable safe.


Our skin care products are specially formulated using proprietary methods. All of our products contain high concentrations of rich, organic ingredients that leave your skin looking radiant almost immediately. We search the world to insure that our all botanical formulas are derived from plants that have been grown in the richest nutrient and toxin free earth possible. Any oils derived from the plants are always cold pressed, never processed.


Through cold-fusion processes, we then manufacture and formulate our lotions using cold temperatures. This is so we don’t cook out, genetically alter or destroy the natural, beneficial vitamins, herbs, bioflavonoids, enzymes and nutrients found in our source materials.


Once fused, we cold-whip our products for full homogenization and to create a texture that allows for even, quick skin penetration. All products are manufactured in small batches and at low temperatures to ensure that you receive the highest standard of potency and freshness. We never dilute our products with water or chemicals of any kind. Our processing is much more time consuming and costly than virtually any other method used by our competitors but the results are worth it. You end up with a clean, toxin free, extremely effective skin enhancer that is good for the skin and good for the body. Holistic, helpful and healthy.

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