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Our Story

Robert E. Rockwood, the founder of Replenish Plus had a 40-year tenure in working in the chemical and beauty care industry, Robert E. Rockwood saw and learned that over 90 percent of the beauty products sold in the USA and worldwide were toxic and harmful to the person using them. He started formulating healthy beauty products to protect his family. He wrote his book “The Ugly Side Of Beauty Products” to protect everyone else.

“My family consists of a majority of women. My friends consist of a majority of women. As of now, women buy much more beauty products than men. With what I now knew about so many of those products I took my 30 years of training and started formulating products to protect my family and friends. I continued to study and increase my knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. I also learned what was good and what was bad for the human body and being.” – Robert E. Rockwood

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