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“Patient’s accredit Replenish Plus products with achieving optimum hydration and texture smoothness in the skin.”

Boston Plastic Surgery has been providing Replenish Plus products to our patients for over three years with excellent results and feedback. We are confident and comfortable offering this product line because it is extremely effective for soothing and moisturizing the skin while maintaining a completely non-toxic and chemical free formulation. As a pre-eminent surgical and skin procedure center, we are always concerned about the safety of our patients and maximizing positive results, Replenish Plus aids us in meeting those goals. Patient’s accredit Replenish Plus products with achieving optimum hydration and texture smoothness in the skin.

Kathy RE, RA

“I always find myself coming back to Replenish Plus as my preferred skin care line.”

A plastic surgeon’s office recommended Replenish Plus products as a preferred line of skin care products. Ever since, I have become a devoted customer. The Skinjuventation (Level 3) Intensity acts as both a moisturizer and treatment for my skin. As a 30 year flight attendant, my skin is exposed to different climates including the dehydrating cabin air. Being a swim enthusiast, the chlorinated pool water makes my skin dry. Skinjuventation has the unique combination of vitamins and anti-oxidants that leave my skin feeling replenished and renewed. I was so impressed with the results of Skinjuventation, my next order included Skin Maaxx and Duplex T 50 serums. My face continued to look more rejuvenated and uplifted. If Replenish Plus serums are good enough to ingest, externally my skin must love them too!

Linda, Flight Attendant

“A small amount goes a long way”

There is no other moisturizer for me. This Replenish plus has no waxy fillers; that is why a small amount goes a long way and keeps your skin feeling supple and comfortable day and night. I use the number 3 day and night especially during the winter months since my home is well heated. I put a small amount in a small jar and keep it with me at all times.


“My skin felt so re-juvenated, moisturized, youthful and radiant”

I am a lifetime customer. I recommend their skincare product to every woman and man that likes a reasonably priced skincare product. Every day my skin feels hydrated and naturally glows.


“Pleased with the way it makes my skin look and feel”

I have been using Replenish Plus face cream for over a year and am so pleased with the way it makes my skin look and feel. It protects against the drying heat of the woodstove in winter and the drying winds and rays of summer. The natural, cruelty-free ingredients make it a perfect product! Highly recommended!


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