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Sunscreens – Helping or Hurting?

There is no question that a lot of people believe that a rich deep tan is attractive, desirable and healthy-looking. Unfortunately, in too many cases the healthy look is far from healthy. Aside from people who have naturally darker skin, the tan look, especially for Caucasians, comes from either exposure to the sun or a … Continue reading “Sunscreens – Helping or Hurting?”

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ribben Beauty & Skincare Skin Cancer Sunscreens

Is Sunscreen Cancer Real?

Has anyone told you that sunscreen can cause cancer? If so, they are only half right; while there is no such thing as a literal type of “sunscreen cancer” per say, the wrong brand of sunscreen can promote dangerous conditions that are ripe for melanoma cancer to form. That’s why you need to choose the … Continue reading “Is Sunscreen Cancer Real?”

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ribben Beauty & Skincare Skin Cancer Sunscreens

Can Sunscreens Cause Melanoma?

Sunscreens and Melanoma More and more people are using sunscreens. They want to protect their body and they are told by their doctors and everybody else that they need some protection to stop the UV A and UV B from going into their body. However, melanoma is the fastest growing cancer in the United States … Continue reading “Can Sunscreens Cause Melanoma?”

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