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Safe Beauty Products Means No Animals Harmed

Replenish Plus only offers safe beauty products that are all natural, and here’s another thing that’s all natural, too – a clean conscience. While that’s not exactly something we can bottle up and put on the shelf, it is an idea that we can represent as a leading authority in organic skincare. When you are buying Replenish Plus, you are saying “no” to animal testing, and “yes” to safe beauty products – and that is something that should help you smile.

We work hard to prepare powerful non-toxic beauty products that reinvigorate your skin, but when we use the phrase “safe beauty products”, we aren’t just talking about human safety. Most people would never willingly harm an animal simply so they could look better, but in today’s cosmetics industry, there are only two alternatives to animal testing – you can either forego beauty products completely (and who honestly wants to do that), or you can buy non-toxic beauty products that have no need to harm animals.

Fortunately, we make the second choice an easy switch!

Contrary to popular belief, animal testing is not necessary to create safe beauty products. The truth is, if a company would simply stick to using tried-and-true, high quality, known safe ingredients, then there would be no need for animal experimentation at all. If anything, when a cosmetics manufacturer feels the need to use animal testing, it shows a doubt on their behalf as to the legitimacy and safety of their product for humans.

Replenish Plus has never, and will never, conduct animal experimentations. We only manufacture safe beauty products, meaning we never use chemicals that could harm any animal, human or otherwise. At Replenish Plus, we love animals as well as humans, and we love non-toxic beauty care products, so congratulations – you’ve found us, one of the best alternatives to animal testing in the industry!

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  • Carlos Rojas Neira
    Posted January 5, 2022 at 3:54 am

    I love that fewer and fewer companies are testing on animals

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