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2 Ways In Which Skin Care Companies Deceive You – And Why We Don’t!

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  • 2 Ways In Which Skin Care Companies Deceive You – And Why We Don’t!
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What if we, the safe cosmetics experts at Replenish Plus, told you that there was an ugly side to the beauty care industry? The world’s top cosmetic brands are using a variety of dishonest sales tactics to fool their customers and gain trust, and we won’t stand for it! Here’s how skin care companies are touting toxic trash as “safe cosmetics”.

Loophole #1: False Claim to Fame

The most popular cosmetic brands use flowery marketing terms that can be misleading. For example, many skin care products write “for external use only” on the label. By advertising their product for external use, which classifies it as a topical cream or serum, the company is technically making no medical claims, and therefore free from virtually any form of government regulation.

Cosmetics brands use a number of phrases such as:

• Anti-aging
• Anti-oxidant
• Anti-wrinkle

There is no legal definition for this terms; they can be used indiscriminately and without basis. Rest assured, however, that the “external use only” claim is bogus. Any skin care product you place on your body will be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream!

At Replenish Plus, we use the above terms because our ingredients contain vitamins, nutrients, bioflavonoids and enzymes which revitalize the skin and help it combat aging, wrinkling, and harmful free radicals!

Loophole #2: List? What List?

Due to a legal technicality, the most devious cosmetic brands use the words “fragrance” or “parfum” as a way to hide their most toxic chemicals, including dangerous phthalates. In fact, some of the more popular perfumes contain close to 100 toxic ingredients! We recommend using scented natural oils, but never, ever use perfumes.

More “Safe Cosmetics” Loopholes to Come!

The only way to stay ahead of deceptive marketing tactics is to stay informed. We have plenty of other dirty secrets that skin care companies do not want you to know, so leave a comment, share this article, and check back soon!

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