Top 5 Reasons Why Chemical-Free Makeup & Organic Skin Care Products Matter

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Top 5 Reasons Why Chemical-Free Makeup & Organic Skin Care Products Matter

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Why do organic skin care product matter?

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As more Americans begin to understand the importance of organic skin care products, Replenish Plus heads the forefront of a cosmetics revolution. If you aren’t sure why chemical-free makeup matters, consider these basic facts about the current state of the cosmetics industry:

• The American government openly allows poisonous ingredients into its cosmetics: While other parts of the world, such as the European Union (EU), have banned 1,328 toxic chemicals from its cosmetics (see the full list), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned only 11.
• The FDA does not test cosmetics: Instead, they rely on old toxicity data from the cosmetics companies themselves, which are heavily biased and potentially out-of-date. In addition, recalls are merely a suggestion from the FDA, not mandatory.
• Cosmetic laws and regulations are vague and full of loopholes: From “proprietary blends” to “secondary ingredients” and “processing ingredients”, there are far too many dishonest marketing terms to obscure the toxic contents of your cosmetics and prevent them from being listed. The only true way to avoid dangerous ingredients is to use chemical-free makeup!
• Non-organic skin care products can cause birth defects: For example, phthalates and formaldehyde releasers are known to upset the hormonal balance and cause long-lasting complications in fetuses and children, yet cosmetics companies use them anyway. Organic skin care products, however, lack the chemical ingredients which cause these unfortunate – and preventable – toxic exposures.
• Chemical-free makeup is better for the environment: Most non-organic skin care products are so toxic that workers have to wear safety equipment just to manufacture them! Once these ingredients are put into the bottle or jar, there are virtually no laws to protect these industrials chemicals from polluting the environment.

Ready to Go Organic?

If you care about the children of the future, our environment, and your own personal health, then Replenish Plus is here to help with the best organic skin care products and chemical-free makeup!

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