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Why Choose Replenish Plus Skin Care Products?

When Robert Rockwood, founder of Replenish Plus, first became involved in the cosmetics industry, he was not setting out to become one of the top skin care brands at all. He was simply traveling to factories all over the world to personally sell his own special manufacturing pump, and many of his clients happened to be involved with cosmetics. However, after visiting 45 different countries, Robert noticed that whether a company was producing top skin care brands in an FDA-approved facility in the First World, or whether the manufacturing facility was non-accredited and Third World, the results were basically the same – nearly all cosmetic plants were (and still are) using toxic processes and harmful components to make their skin care products.

Replenish Plus Skin Care Products Are Not Dangerous

After seeing employees don protective wear just to handle the ingredients of basic skin care products at almost every plant he visited, Robert knew something was very unhealthy about the way companies made their skin care products. They will protect their workers from the ingredients, he thought to himself, but where is the safety equipment for the consumers? In addition, even the top skin care brands often test their products on animals, a policy which demonstrates that the companies do not have faith in the safety of their skin care products (otherwise, they would test them on humans from the very beginning).

Replenish Plus: A Process You Can Trust from A Founder That Can Be Trusted

Robert Rockwood is an industry insider who has seen the horrors of the cosmetic industry, and is working hard to make them right. Unlike top skin care brands, who are held largely unaccountable for their dangerous manufacturing practices, Replenish Plus skin care products are produced with consumer safety at the forefront. At Replenish Plus, we don’t just meet federal regulations, we exceed them at every chance we get with organic ingredients and non-standard procedures – it’s the only way to keep you safe.

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