6 Terrifying Ways the US Government (Including the FDA and EPA) is Failing to Provide Safe Cosmetics

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6 Terrifying Ways the US Government (Including the FDA and EPA) is Failing to Provide Safe Cosmetics

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  • 6 Terrifying Ways the US Government (Including the FDA and EPA) is Failing to Provide Safe Cosmetics

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When it comes to safe cosmetics, your current skin care products are most likely causing you harm every day – maybe even now, as you are reading. Although the United States government is supposed to provide us with high quality products that are free from toxins, the truth is the cosmetics industry is dangerously under-regulated, and has been for quite some time. Take a moment and allow the skin care experts at Replenish Plus experts explain exactly how the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) each fail to provide the public with safe cosmetics every day, and what you can do to protect yourself.

The FDA Does Not Actively Regulate Safe Cosmetics

According to the their own website, the FDA does not require:
1.) “specific tests” of skin care products or ingredients by cosmetic companies.
2.) recent tests of skin care products (cosmetic companies can resubmit old data).
3.) “cosmetic companies to share their safety information.”
4.) cosmetics facilities to obtain a license, or to even register with the FDA.
5.) mandatory recalls, except under the most extreme circumstances (at which point preventing a health crisis is almost certainly too late).

If the FDA does not require cosmetics companies to adequately test their products, obtain a manufacturing license, or register their facilities, but allows them to verify their safety claims with out-of-date data, and can barely get them to recall bad products, then what good are they as a protective agency?

Reason #6: The EPA Is Failing the Environment with Unsafe Cosmetics

Although the EPA does not allow manufacturers to release any toxic chemicals into the environment, the chemicals still eventually find their way into the environment anyway. Once those chemicals are sealed inside of a skin care cream jar, there are no more regulations preventing improper disposal.

What You Can Do About It

The government is not doing enough to prevent poisonous cosmetics, so you have to be vigilant.
• Pay attention to the ingredients on your label.
• Be on the lookout for consumer warnings.
• Keep reading the Replenish Plus blog for tips that will keep you safe in your own skin.

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