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Is Your Skin Care Product Mostly Water (What is Emulsification)?

What is emulsification? It’s the biggest scam in the cosmetics industry, an extra step that dilutes your skin care product and ultimately causes you harm. Here’s a dirty little secret: 50% of your skin care product is most likely water (for no other purpose other than being cheap filler), and it only gets worse from there.

What Is Emulsification? Unnecessary.

Since water is not easily mixed with cosmetic ingredients, 25% of your skin care product consists of emulsifying agents used to stabilize the product. This means roughly 75% of your skin care product is doing absolutely nothing for your skin, and possibly even damaging it. Thanks to emulsification, you now need to buy roughly 4 times more than you would have just to get a single bottle’s worth of active ingredients.

What is Emulsification? Dangerous.

Emulsifying agents are industrial chemicals that you want to keep as far away from your skin as possible. Popular emulsifying agents include:

• Triethanolamine (TEA) – this emulsifier is used in over 3 thousand skin care products in the USA, yet the Occupational Safety Administration (OSHA) lists this chemical as toxic and will not allow its workers to touch it. Trace amounts or not, why would any skin care company include this in its products? There’s no good reason!
• Polyethylene glycol (PEG) – this emulsifier comes from two petrochemical gases, ethylene and propylene. It is known to cause skin irritations and even kidney failure. Again, why put this in any skin care product, ever?
• Formaldehyde releasers – this is commonly used to prevent bacteria from accumulating in the water. As the name implies, it slowly releases formaldehyde over time. In fact, the longer a jar of cream sits on the shelf, the more formaldehyde is being released into the product – and directly into your body once applied! All because of water.

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