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Poison Beauty Products Alert: Arsenic Toxicity and More

Arsenic toxicity is probably the last thing on your mind as you are putting on your beauty products, but the majority of cosmetics companies choose to use powerful toxins in beauty products, including “heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and nickel”, according to one 2015 study. Today we blow the whistle on the “poison beauty product” manufacturers who have no problem with contributing to arsenic toxicity and even worse.

Why would any company include cosmetic ingredients that can cause open lesions in a beauty product? Well, these dangerous cosmetic ingredients are used as a cheap preservative to stretch the shelf life of their product a little longer. Using these toxins in beauty products as a preservative is careless at best, and potentially criminal at the worst!

How does heavy metal get from your beauty products into your system? According to the same 2015 study, “exposure to metals present in cosmetics” happens after the heavy metals are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, where they can accumulate and start to damage vital organs.

Heavy metal exposure can cause terrible side effects in the human body. Arsenic toxicity in particular can damage “nearly every organ in the body”, and cause other problems ranging from skin sores and cancer, to blood sugar and lung problems. These toxic ingredients have an environmental impact as well; processing heavy metals such as arsenic releases toxic pollutants into the air.

Even though dangerous heavy metal cosmetic ingredients are prevalent in the majority of today’s beauty products, “cosmetics companies are not obliged to report on this kind of impurities and so consumers have no way of knowing about their own risk”, meaning that you have to be vigilant. Fortunately, Replenish Plus is here to raise consumer awareness and provide you with a safe alternative solution! Bottom line, you will find no heavy metals (aka “poison beauty products”) in our cosmetics!

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