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ribben Beauty & Skincare

Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid Pt. 1

In the United States, neither the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) nor any other government organization does any direct testing or regulation for chemicals used in the skin care industry. The skin care industry has full freedom to use whatever they desire in their products. The one organization that the skin care industry defers to when deciding whether an ingredient is safe or not is the CIR (Chemical Ingredient Review) Board.

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ribben Beauty & Skincare

Toxic Formaldehyde in Cosmetics – Formaldehyde Releasers, Explained

As a cosmetics company that cares, Replenish Plus wants to inform you, the consumer, about the dangers of the skin care industry, and the poisons potentially lurking in every product. Have you ever seen a frog floating in a jar in science class? That liquid is called formaldehyde, and even though it causes damage to … Continue reading “Toxic Formaldehyde in Cosmetics – Formaldehyde Releasers, Explained”

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